Autograss Class's 1 - 4 Breakdown

Class 1

Class 1 Mini
Class 1 used to be limited to 998cc minis until a few years ago but it was decided that the mini shell was becoming more difficult to get cheap. This resulted in a few other chassis being allowed into the class. Currently you are allowed a Mini saloon, Citroen AX or Fiat Cinquecento with an engine from the same car up to a maximum of 1000cc. There is also a trial currently taking place with a Peugeot. The class is also very limited to the alterations that are allowed with respect to tuning / alterations of the car. This results in very close competitive racing at a low budget.

Class 2

Class 2 Cars
This class is ideal for beginners to the sport, those racing to a low budget and those who wish to race either a Rear Wheel Drive or Front Wheel Drive vehicle, although nowadays, front wheel drive cars dominate. There are limited special tuning modifications allowed, the engine gearbox must remain basically standard within strictly enforced measurements. All the fuel-air mixture must pass through a single 32mm diameter restrictor. This ensures that costs are kept within affordable limits and that there is very close racing in-this class. The car used may be of either Rear Wheel Drive, either a saloon, estate or hatchback, or Front Wheel Drive either a saloon or hatchback. The engine must be of a maximum of 1300cc capacity. To limit the use of "odd' or "specialist" cars the types of vehicle make and model are restricted to those that are listed in the original Palgrave and now Glasses Guide Technical Services Data Manuals. At present there are over 200 different types of car makes & models eligible for this class. e.g, Ford Fiesta, Escort, Orion, Toyota Starlet/Corolla, Mazda 323, Hillman Imp (875cc only), Suzuki SCIOO, Skoda 120, 130, & 135/6, Vauxhall Nova, Astra, Cavalier, VW Polo, Golf, Rover Maestro, Montego, Nissan Micra, Fiat Uno, Strada, Peugeot 205, Renault Clio, Seat Ibiza, etc.

Class 3

Class 3
This class is ideal for those who want to put a 'big' engine in place of the original engine. This is a popular class with very close fast sideways racing. The cars resemble stadium 'Hot Rods' as they used to be and to a certain degree, as they are now. The car used must be a saloon or hatchback and have Rear Wheel Drive. Any front engined, front wheel drive saloons with a wheelbase of 2400mm or more may be converted to front engine rear wheel drive. The engine must be of a minimum of 1421 cc capacity. There are unlimited tuning modifications allowed, the engine/gearbox/axle need not be original. At present there are many popular combinations of body shell & engines. e.g. RWD Ford Escort Mk I & 2, Sierra, Toyota Starlets, Talbot Sunbeam, converted FWD Peugeot 206 & 309, all fitted with one of the following engines: Ford 2.1 & 2.5 Pinto / Vauxhall 2.0 VW 1.9 Rover V8 / Ford V6 / Renault V6 etc. 16 valve engines are now allowed in the class.

Class 4

Class 4 Cars

This is the smallest capacity modified engine class, ideal for those who want to squeeze more power than anyone else out of a small engine. The car used must be a Front or Rear Wheel Drive saloon, hatchback, van or pick up. The engine must be of a maximum of 1130cc capacity, be of the type originally fitted to the car and must remain in its original position. There are unlimited tuning modifications allowed This is a popular class and consists of mainly Mini's with a few Imps and Fiats, hoever this class is beginnning to see many of the latest generation of under 1130cc cars such as the Citroen Visa, AX, VW Polo, Vauxhall Nova, Nissan Micra, Peugeot 106 & 205 Fiat Uno 60, Strada 60 and Rover 111.


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