Ladies Classes

Ladies can race with the men if they choose to do so by purchasing a mens licence or there are 4 separate ladies classes. These 4 classes are made up of all 10 classes that can be raced in the men's racing. They are run by staggering around the track to account for the difference in speeds of the classes. Although these are the classes explained in the licences many of the larger meetings run the ladies in the same format as the men as there are sufficient numbers to fill the grids

Class 11

Class 9

Class 11 is made up of a combination of class one and two. The stagger is usually about half a straight between the two classes. This is one of the biggest classes at club levels resulting in a lot of close racing with the class twos trying to work there way through the class ones.

Class 12

Class 12
Class 12 is made up from cars from class 4, 5 and 6 driven by people with a Ladies Licence. The cars will be stagered around the track to adapt speed diffrence in the cars

Class 13

Class 9
Over the last few years there have been limited numbers of class 13 at many of the club levels. Although many of the large meetings have a good showing of these classes. The class is made up of class 3 and 7.

Class 14

Class 9
Class 14 is a combination of all the specials (8, 9, 10 and F600). Although this should be staggered like the other classes many clubs are starting them in a straight line, this is due to the similar speed of the class 8 9 and 10.


Committee Meetings

The club Committee meeting will be held on the last Tuesday of the month at the Ashfield, Huddersfield. Full details can be found on the committee Meeting Page


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