Whiterose Rose Bowl

12th 13th July 2017

Whiterose Autograss will be hosting a meeting on the Scunthorpe Track in July.
We will need the help of all club members to promote and run the meeting to ensure that the first meeting we have hosted for a few years is a a success. The Rosebowl meeting is not a points meeting towards the club championship

Whiterose Autograss Club Championship 2017

The club dates leaflet can be downloaded as a PDF Click here

The club points will be calculated in the same way has it has for several years with the points been calculated from the first 2 heats of the day. If you see that you have been missed of the points table after the meeting please contact the point’s co-ordinator. To qualify for a trophy you must have completed 50% of the race days and your top points up to 75% of the total points race days will be used to calculate class points scores and all meetings for the club championship.

York 9th April
Scunthorpe 15 / 16 April
York 14th May
Scunthorpe 21st May
Sturton and Stow 25th June
Scunthorpe 9th July
Trent 25th July
(Double Points)
Scunthorpe 17th September
Scunthorpe 1st October


Maximum meetings to score after which lowest is dropped : 80%
Meetings to Qualify for trophy : 50% (4 Meetings)
Points awarded in the folowing way.
1st - 10, 2nd - 8, 3rd - 6, 4th - 5, 5th - 4, 6th - 3, 6th - 2, 8th - 1

National Qualifiers

Both rounds of the North yorkshire league qualifiers will be hosted by York Autograss on the following dates. To take part you must have pre registered for the event. this can be done upto 9am on the first date.

The 2 events will take place before the normal meeting starting at 10am of

Due to the first two meetings been cancelled the qualifiers have been re arranged fore the following dates.

  • Sunday 9th April
  • Saturday 14th May**
* - Please note the May date will run before the start of racing at the North of englands and entry will be charged for the full weekend at a cost of £20 per person and £10 Camping. if you are only going for the day you will need to get a refund from Martin when leaving.


Committee Meetings

The club Committee meeting will be held on the last Tuesday of the month at the Ashfield, Huddersfield. Full details can be found on the committee Meeting Page


A list of all club hoddies and tops can be found here.

Track Search

Please Help the committee by trying to find a new venue for the club. Further info about what is needed can be found on the track search Page by clicking here.