Presentation Evening

the evening will take place on Saturday 17th January 2015 at Auctioneer Restaurant and function Suite, Brighouse.
Tickets - £25, (under 12's £15) available from Ged Ball Facebook page

Updated - 19th October 2014


The club agm will take place on Saturday 29th November. Venue to be confirmed.

Updated - 19th October 2014

Club Points

Sorry for the delay in getting the club points onto the website. I hope to have them up as soon as possible.

Updated - 11th August 20014

Trent Dual up Trophy

The Trent Dual up points have been added to the points page.

Updated - 11th August 20014

Club News

If you have any new to share with club members please email me and I will try and get it on the website as soon as possible.

Updated - 11th Sept 2015

WarOf the roses

Congratulations to Leewood on retaining the 2014 War of the roses trophy. We will have to get better support there next year so we can get the trophy back as we have only won it the once

Updated -

Qualifier Points

To see the points after the first round of the qualifiers click here. The final round will take place on Sunday 25th at 8.45 before the north of Englands championships.

Updated - 20th May 2014

Club Hoodie

Club hoodies are now available, to see what is available have a look at the merchandise Page

Updated - 9- 5-14

Club points

The points have been updated to include the third round of club points from Trent. If you think there is a mistake Please contact Kevin

Updated -

Club points

The Second round of club points have been added to the website. If you think there is a mistake Please contact Kevin

Updated -

Committee Meeting Location

The Monthly meeting has been changed to the Ashfield, Huddersfield. Check the Meeting page for further details

Updated -

Assotiate membership

If you are intrested in becoming an associate member of Whiterose please contact one of the committee

Updated -


Committee Meetings

The club Committee meeting will be held on the last Tuesday of the month at the Ashfield, Huddersfield. Full details can be found on the committee Meeting Page


A list of all club hoddies and tops can be found here.

Track Search

Please Help the committee by trying to find a new venue for the club. Further info about what is needed can be found on the track search Page by clicking here.