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Whiterose Autograss club has been looking for a new venue for a few years now. Unfortunately this has not been successful
for one of many reasons. The main reason is that there are houses too close to the potential race field. The club does not want to
go through the process of setting up a track for a couple of meetings later to discover that we are being a noise nuisance to local
residents. Therefore the club is looking for the correct venue in the first place.

What Is Needed


The club is looking for a Field that is 20 Acres + to host their meetings. This can be broken up as long as the main field is large
enough for the rectangular race area. This race area needs to be flat although it can be on a slight incline. Although the oval is
only a quarter mile oval it is a lot bigger than a lot of people think when the track and Safety area is on the outside of this. The
rectangular safety area without any parking around it will need to be around 240m by 130m. The club would prefer for this
area to bigger if possible to enable the track to be moved without having to take all the safety fences out and starting again.
On the outside of this rectangle it is Advantageous to be able to park vehicles all the way around the track for spectators. The
other land can be in adjacent fields as long as they are connected. This will be used for parking, camping and pit space.


As previously mentioned the venue needs to be away from villages and towns this is due to noise that can travel when the
cars are racing. Although the club does its best to reduce any nuisance to locals by abiding strictly to the noise limit set by the
governing body. The field will also need to be near to a major road system as some of members use larger vehicle which will
struggle to get down some of the small country lanes. Also the fewer little towns and Villages the vehicles go through the
better, so as to reduce the nuisance for local residents.


The field will need to have a fresh water supply if there are going to be two day meetings in the future. There will also have to
be access to stored water in the local area. This will be used to water the race surface when required during the meetings. In the
past this water has come from a drainage ditch that has filled from local fields or a large tank that was filled over time from a
tap that the club has paid for.

Support Local Companys

As well as the water there are many other facilities that will be required for the race meetings to take place many of these will
be hired or purchased from local suppliers. Here are some of the items that will be required
• Tractor and Bowser
• Tractor and Grading bar
• Recovery vehicles
• J.C.B. or similar device
• Ambulance / Rescue Company
• Road Sweeper
• Security
• Caterers
• Porter Loo's

Publicity Leaflet

The following leaflet has been created to help answer some of the questions for potential

Track Items

When the last track was taken down many members took items into storage until a new track was found. At the time everyone knew where the items where but over time some of the things have been forgotten about. Due to this the committee have decided to make a list of all the items that are in storage and where they are. If you have any items that that belong to the club or you are willing to donate when a venue is found could you please contact the club by e-mail and we can add it to the list.

Person Item Quantity Notes
2 Start Gate - Magnets 2  
4 Hi Vis Vests    
4 Fire Extinguishes 0 Need replacing
1 Track car - Subaru 2  
1 Grader 1  
1 Roller 1  
1 Class Markers 10  
1 Start Gate - Posts 2  
5 Nails (Box Mixed) 1  
5 Hazzard Tape 1  
5 Start Line Marker Boards 10  
5 Stamp (Signed on) 2  
6 Blue rope 5  
8 Hi Vis Vests ?  
8 PA Horns ?  


Committee Meetings

The club Committee meeting will be held on the last Tuesday of the month at the Ashfield, Huddersfield. Full details can be found on the committee Meeting Page


A list of all club hoddies and tops can be found here.

Track Search

Please Help the committee by trying to find a new venue for the club. Further info about what is needed can be found on the track search Page by clicking here.